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Retina Vitreous Consultants Los Angeles

How the Eye Works: The Basics of Vision

Dr. Parks Sep 03, 2018

Many people do not understand how the eye works. Here is a basic rundown on the parts of the eye and how the brain interpreting…

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What Causes Macular Edema?

Dr. Parks Jun 28, 2017

Retina specialist Dr. David Parks discusses the causes of macular edema, as well as how the condition can be treated.

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Proliferative Retinopathy Treatment Using Advanced Techniques

Dr. Parks May 28, 2017

At Pacific Retina Specialists, we offer state-of-the-art retina treatments. Proliferative retinopathy treatment can include laser therapy, injections, and vitrectomy.

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Seeing Clearly in the Golden Years: Eye Care for Seniors

Dr. Parks Jun 10, 2016

Although there are several eye diseases that are common to senior patients, they can be managed well with quality eye care.

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Effective Ophthalmology for Cataract Symptoms

Dr. Parks Sep 12, 2015

If you are experiencing blurred vision, halos, or other cataract symptoms, our ophthalmology clinic can restore your clear sight.

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Patients at Risk for Cataracts

Dr. Parks Jun 11, 2015

The eye doctors at Pacific Retina Specialists help patients understand the causes and risk factors of cataracts.

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Treating Macular Holes to Improve Vision

Dr. Parks Jan 22, 2015

Eye doctor David Parks offers treatment for a wide range of retinal diseases, including macular holes.

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How Laser Surgery Can Treat Diabetic Macular Edema

Dr. Parks Sep 22, 2014

Macula edema can cause permanent vision loss and, in some cases, blindness. Learn how this condition can be slowed or stopped through laser surgery.

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What Is Central Serous Choroidoretinopathy?

Dr. Parks Jul 22, 2014

If you are suffering from sudden vision impairment, it may be the result of a condition such as central serous choroidoretinopathy. 

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Great Gratitude to Dr. Parks and his staff for the gift of continued sight!  I HIGHLY COMMEND AND RECOMMEND THEM!!!

-Susan M.
Westwood, Los Angeles, CA