Intraocular Medication Injections for Retinal Conditions

Jun 21, 2012 — by Dr. Parks
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LASIK-eyeRetinal conditions can have very serious effects on the overall health of your eyes as well as the clarity and sharpness of your vision. There are many different avenues for treatment that can be used at our Los Angeles eye care center, a few of which involve injections into the eye. This sounds somewhat harrowing to some patients, but it is actually done without undue pain to the patient and may be the only viable option for effective treatment.We'd like to take a brief moment right now to go over some of the basics where these kinds of treatments are concerned.

Types of Retinal Conditions Treatable with Injections

The most common kinds of retinal conditions that are treated using intraocular and intravitreal injections are age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and diseases that cause the swelling of the macula. (The macula is the small spot in the center of the retina where vision is the keenest). If you notice a gradual blurring in your vision as you age, it is important that you come to our Beverly Hills ophthalmology and retina center. We will be able to check on the condition of your eyes and determine if you are suffering from a retinal condition of some kind.

About Medical Injections

Two injection options are generally considered when treating macular disorders and conditions: steroidal drugs and vascular anti-endothelial growth factor (anti-VEGF) drugs. Our ophthalmologist in Beverly Hills will determine if injection therapy will be ideal for you and your needs.

How the Medical Injections Work

Anti-VEGF drugs are injected directly into the vitreous humor of the patient's eye or eyes. The drugs will cause the regression of any blood vessels that are abnormal, improving overall vision and reducing inflammation of the macula in the process. In order to maintain the results of this Los Angeles macular degeneration treatment, repeat injections will need to be made every month or every other month. The needs of the patient will determine frequency of the injections.

During the actual injection treatment, the surface of a patient's eye will be anesthetized in order to ensure comfort. The injection is administered through the white part of the eye directly into the vitreous humor. Patients may experience discomfort in the eye for a day, but normal activities can be performed immediately after treatment.

Additional Injection Treatments

For retinal detachment, injections may be made into the vitreous humor to help remedy the condition. It is not uncommon for air or gas to be injected into the eye for just such reasons. The gas will expand, helping cause reattachment of the detached retina. We can discuss this and many other options for care with you in greater detail during your visit.

Contact Our Ophthalmology Practice for More Information

If you would like more information on the different treatments available for retinal problems, we encourage you to contact our Beverly Hills retinal treatment and ophthalmology center today. When you come in for a visit, we will be able to help you receive the best treatment for you various retinal health needs. We all look forward to meeting you in persona and discussing your vision.

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