Common Vision Myths By Dr. Parks on March 11, 2012

eyeGrowing up, youve no doubt heard many things about the eyes that seem true. These bits of folk wisdom and supposed common knowledge are often unscientific. Though based on some grain of truth, its important that you get these myths debunked and replace these fictions with actual facts. Thats what our Los Angeles eye care team would like to do today. Below are 10 myths about vision that you may have heard.

Vision Myth: Reading in the dark is going to ruin your eyes

This isnt going to ruin your eyesight, but it can make your eyes feel tired. So while its a myth, we recommend reading and writing with good light available just because itll be more comfortable.

Vision Myth: Eating lots of carrots will improve your eyesight

Theres that myth that rabbits have great eyesight because they eat lots of carrots. Well, while carrots are a good source of vitamin A and that is essential for good eye health, youre not going to get superhuman vision by eating a lot of them. That can actually be dangerous.

Vision Myth: Sitting too close to the TV is bad for your vision

As with the reading in the dark myth, your vision wont be ruined but your eyes will experience fatigue from being too close to the screen. The team at our ophthalmology practice serving Los Angeles recommends sitting a comfortable distance from the TV so you dont strain your eyes.

Vision Myth: Cross-eyed children will grow out of it

This is absolutely not true. Eyes are not like milk teeth or thumb sucking. If your child as crossed eyes or a lazy eye, its important that you meet with an eye doctor to discuss treatments for the issue as soon as possible.

Vision Myth: Staring at computer monitors will harm your eyesight

This is a myth we hear more often these days. Its not true that this will ruin your eyesight, though studies find that it can cause you to blink less and affect the moisture in the eyes. Eyestrain is also common at times as well.

Vision Myth: 20/20 vision is guaranteed by LASIK

The team at our laser eye treatment and retina surgery can tell you that while LASIK is an effective treatment, perfect vision is not guaranteed. Many patients get good vision and no longer need to wear corrective lenses, but not always 20/20 vision.

Vision Myth: Sex and masturbation can affect your vision

This is a strange myth with absolutely no truth in it whatsoever. (Unless you contract syphilis, in which case blindness is a potential danger and maybe the least of your worries.)

Vision Myth: Cataracts are contagious

Cataracts are not contagious, nor can they spread from one eye to the other. They are caused by the hardening and clumping of the proteins inside the eye. To have a cataract treated, meet with Los Angeles ophthalmologists as soon as possible.

Vision Myth: Doctors can transplant entire eyes

This is the stuff of Hollywood and makes for great horror films and thrillers. Yet this conceit of science fiction has no basis in science fact. Other sorts of surgeries and transplants have been done, but not with entire eyes given the complexities of the optic nerve.

Vision Myth: You should only see an eye doctor when you have a problem

You should never delay when it comes to the health of your eyes. Be sure to visit an eye care specialist at least once a year for a full check-up. Doing this can mean all the difference between great eyesight and a major health condition. To meet with our retinal specialists, contact our Los Angeles ophthalmology practice today.

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